What Is Hydraulic Wedge Spreader?

The hydraulic wedge spreader is a type of equipment that helps to widen and flatten the ground surface. It uses the weight of its frame, which is mounted on two sets of wheels, in order to do this. This makes it easier for other types of machinery to work more efficiently when moving through an area with uneven terrain. Without a hydraulic wedge spreader, the soil could be pushed together instead of being lifted up, which can cause problems when trying to level out an area.

hydraulic wedge spreader

Reasons to use a hydraulic wedge spreader

There are many reasons to use a hydraulic wedge spreader. This is the most popular form of spreading and it offers maximum flexibility, with no limits on what can be moved or how far apart you can lift and place loads. A hydraulic wedge spreader works by using hydraulics to push down on the load and raise both sides at an equal rate so that it stays flat for easy loading/unloading.

In the construction industry, a hydraulic wedge spreader is used to lift and separate materials. These materials can be wood, steel, concrete or any other similar material that needs to be separated. A hydraulic wedge spreader is great for using on a job site because it reduces physical labor which increases productivity and safety. The weight of these heavy objects are lifted by the machine so workers don’t have to strain their backs lifting them up onto scaffolding or into trucks.