The power of alternative Music

The band never really was the alternative music kingpins that the American radio tried to make them out to be, although their sound could be considered the alternative. The band had to regroup and create a memorable record after their previous album flopped, and they managed to use that as a motivational tool to put out one of the best-selling records of their career. The sales went so well, that it initially sold over 4 million copies, and the band would be called the new “it” band from the United Kingdom.

Why people hearing Music?

It wasn’t all critics talking either, fans rushed to pick up the record due to strong song structures, memorable lyricism, and classic guitar work from the band. The record has 16 tracks of what can only be defined as indie rock. Some of the more prominent songs on the record include, “Girls & Boys”, “End of a Century”, “To The End” and “This Is A Low”, among other fan favorites.

Music for exercise

Instrument used for recording the sound track

The sound and tonality of the record utilize a great deal of instrumentation, something that some fans might not realize. The record uses percussion, organ, Moog synthesizer, programming and noises to create a wall of sound that doesn’t hit hard, but rather melts together, and some might even compare some of the midpoints to Radiohead, the way the music somehow mixes. A string quartet was also added to the mix, and even an accordion is heard in the music.

Lyrically, Blur created a story of sorts with lots of stories flowing through the pseudo-concept record. With different reflections and moments meshing together to form an interesting dynamic that isn’t seen often from Brit-Pop. The flow of the record is one of the reasons many fans were so quick to embrace this album, as opposed to their earlier release, which was panned by both fans and critics.

Best beat has the power

Blur’s “Park life” really is something that all music fans should put into their ears from time to time. Even though it’s an older record, it still shines as one of the best examples of what can only be described as alternative music, from the year 1994. While many American acts were pushing the punk rock wave and grunge bandwagon, Blur seemed to find a knack for pursuing more eclectic sounds, even if their later work would eventually get pegged as more distortion-heavy.

The class of alternative music as of now is difficult to characterize. The wave that began in the mid-90s has died down and has left a ton of duplicates in its repercussions. The main activity presently is to hang tight for the following huge wave in music to tag along and indeed offer us what must be known as “Elective Music“.