Village telugu comedy movies all the time Raja varu Rani Garu

Village telugu comedy movies all the time: Raja varu Rani Garu

Raja varu Rani garu is a proper south indian village telugu film written and directed by Ravi kiran Kola. It is a romantic drama film that will make your mood set right up. The comedy in the film is also one of the best aspects that entertains you. You should watch this film along with your friends and family as it is one of the village telugu comedy movies all the time as one of the top comedy movies all time. You can watch Raja varu Rani garu movie online now!

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Kiran Abhinav

Actress: RahasyaGorak

Other actors: Ajay, Srinivas Boogireddy

Director: Ravi Kiran Kola

Producer: Manoj Kumar, Manovikas,

Music: Jay Krish

Cinematography:  VidyasagarChinta

Editing: viplavnyshadam

Story By: Ravi Kiran Kola

Village telugu comedy movies all the time Raja varu Rani Garu

Other information:

Runtime: 133mins

Release date: 29 November 2019

Genre: Romantic comedy


The story revolves around a couple, Raja (Kiran Abbavaram) who falls in love with Rani (RahasyaGorak). Raja is an innocent man in his group of 3 friends and he always relies on his friends for his confidence to boost himself. Ignoring that, he tries his best to express his love to rani. Both Raja and rani since childhood study in the same school and his love towards her has risen along with him ever since. As it is a village they all live in, most of the people around them are known to each other and that makes it more hard for him to propose to her with confidence. So, Raja’s friends try their best to create a situation where they both can meet and talk to each other. But all their trials will be drained and as they grow up, rani’s father plans to send her to a better school in another city aiming for her better future which makes it more harder for him to take in. What he does to propose to get her back in his life and his attempts to increase his level of confidence to propose will impress you to your hearts.

Technical Asset:

  • Music is so soothing and it’s like honey in the ears. From lyrics to the tunes everything is perfect and makes you hear it in loop.
  • Story and screenplay is just emotional, a love story based on waiting for his love to come back in life is very painful and hurting, the emotion is very well carried in the film.
  • Locations are very simple, it gives the vibe of a village and the authentic village love story.

Artist Performance:

  • Kiran Abhinav is a great talented actor, she has taken the character to another with his acting essence.
  • Rahasya is beautiful and bliss to eyes.

It is a beautiful film that reminds you of your older times if you are from any south indiantelugu villages. The emotion of love the hero expresses will be totally related to any man’s love. It will be beautiful to watch the film with your loved ones. This is a village telugu comedy movies of all time and top comedy movies out there. Ultimate movie watch Raja varu Rani garu movie online.