The Essential Guide to Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment: A Must-Have for Every Home Chef

Stainless steel is the top pick for food service equipment. It’s durable, reliable and easy to clean.

It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion. That’s because it contains chromium and nickel.

It’s important to choose a stainless steel fabricator with experience in commercial kitchen projects. A quality fabricator will weld their pieces together, avoiding the junctions and joints where germs can hide.

Bread Proofers

Stainless steel is tough enough to endure the rigors of professional kitchen use, but it can also look sleek and modern in your home. This durable material resists corrosion, stains and scratches and is easy to clean. But, just because it looks great doesn’t mean it won’t show wear and tear over time. Stainless is susceptible to scratches and dents that can affect the appearance of your kitchen, so be sure to keep up with regular cleanings.

A bread proofer is a must-have tool for any baker or anyone who loves homemade breads and dinner rolls made from scratch. Its consistent low-heat setting is ideal for bringing dough to the right temperature and humidity to make it rise. Some models have an automatic water injection function to save time, and others have a large tempered glass window that makes it easy to monitor proofing.

In our Cookware Sets tests, Heritage Steel cookware earned high marks for durability and even cooking (although we have found that the brand’s flat lids can be tricky to close). The company uses a variety of stainless steel alloys to ensure longevity—the best brands use 316Ti stainless, which is less prone to corrosion. Heritage Steel also uses variable wall thickness, meaning that some pieces like skillets have a thicker bottom than sauce pans or stock pots to improve durability and performance, while other areas are thinner for lighter weight.

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Refrigerated Prep Tables

Stainless steel refrigerated prep tables are ideal for delis, salad bars, casual restaurants, and cafes that prepare sandwiches and chopped salads. They hold ingredients at a safe temperature while offering easy storage, reducing your staff’s cleaning and food preparation time. They also provide extra workspace to keep the kitchen moving quickly.

The chromium and nickel alloys that make up stainless steel help the material resist corrosion, stains, and tarnishing. The steel is also hygienic, as its smooth surface discourages the hiding of harmful bacteria and germs. Where plastics and softer metals can create grooves and crevices for microorganisms to hide, stainless steel’s smooth surface makes it easy to clean and sanitize.

Stainless steel is durable, as it can withstand harsh environments and high temperatures. It’s also flexible, making it a good choice for equipment with hinges or handles. In addition, it’s resistant to acidic and alkaline foods, so it doesn’t react with the ingredients you’re using, which can change their taste and appearance. This durability and flexibility also reduces repair costs over the long-term, further adding to its value. Stainless steel bep a cong nghiep can be fabricated into an array of designs, so it’s an affordable option for nearly any commercial kitchen. Its strength and versatility also make it suitable for a variety of other applications.

Soup Kettles

Also known as a soup urn, a stainless steel commercial soup kettle is an efficient way to keep your food warm throughout the day. These units save you the cost of keeping a pot of soup on the stove while also freeing up burner space. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your needs, including smaller ten litre units that are ideal for most businesses.

The CellDeal 10l Chafing Dish Soup Kettle is made from stainless steel for durable use in a commercial setting. It has a large capacity and offers multiple heat settings to keep your soup at a safe serving temperature. It features a hinged lid with a groove for the soup ladle to sit in, which reduces mess and takes up less space on your work surface.

This stainless steel catering soup kettle is suitable for most businesses and has an easy-to-use interface with a dial to adjust heat. It has a capacity of 10-litres, which is similar to the other catering soup kettles in this review, and can hold between 33 and 40 servings of your favourite broth or sauce. It weighs less than five kilograms and is the third-lightest in this review, making it easy to move around your business. It also comes with a standard replacement guarantee if it develops faults within six months of purchase.