The printing press was first invented during the reign of King Henry VIII of England. Since then printing has seen a lot of changes over the years and has evolved through time. Today 3D printing is the modern type of printing and gives a stunning realistic effect.

3D printing is now used in almost every prominent field and has created a name for itself. In the Country of Singapore, you can get the best 3D printing only from Creatz3d.

3d printing technology


3d printing technology is an innovative technology of printing a real object by placing several layers above one another. It is done with the help of 3D computers abbreviated as ‘CAD’.

3d printing can do a lot more than creating prototype models .3D printing technology can be effectively used to create the concepts in your head into a real object. It brings out ideas into reality. This can help manufacturers perfect their model designs and create something that is well thought over and tested, surging their market sales immensely.

THE 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY IN SINGAPORE is used a lot more than in other countries as Singapore is the hub of technology, and the most creative ideas find shape in this land in the continent of Asia. 3D printing can give a shape to newer concepts before the first model is made, making a test model which can go through certain changes and retouches to create a design that is perfect in all senses.

Creatz3D  is a company that guarantees you 3d prototypes of superb quality and durability, made of ceramic, metal or plastic (according to your needs) that can accommodate itself in any design or environment.


3D printing technology is a growing industry that has a bright future ahead in the technological field. Creatz3D brings innovation and power into your 3D designs giving a whole new look to your dreams in reality.