First Time Buyers – First Steps when Buying a Property

If you don’t yet own your own home, but it is your ultimate dream, like many others you may find getting on the property ladder incredibly daunting. Certainly, for the generation now trying to get on the ladder, it is much harder than it was for their parents.

home buying process

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The first thing that you need to do is save for a deposit. The amount needed for a deposit varies, but the sum that you need to get to can seem like such a difficult amount to achieve that you would either be saving until you were elderly or you would have to win the lottery to get it!

There are options if you are struggling to save a deposit – from the bank of mum and dad if your parents are happy to lend it to you, to a help to buy equity loan – explore all of the options available to you as there may be more than you realise.

As well as needing money for a deposit, there are also the legal fees. There is no getting around this side of things really and it is important that you use a professional company who have experience in property sales – it may benefit you to receive some face to face legal advice from conveyancing solicitors as a first time buyer.

a home buying guide

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Once you have the keys to your property, the stress will all be forgotten and you will finally have a place you can call your own – all you have to then is get all your stuff moved in!